TALIENS associate Cornelius Sauerborn co-authored two articles in the German-language law journal “Computer und Recht” (issue 4/2022 on pages 226 et seq. and issue 5/2022, pages 295 et seq.,) together with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kühling, LL.M. on manipulative interface designs, so-called “dark patterns”. In the publications, the authors address current developments, most recently in unfair competition law with the German Unfair Competition Act Amendment 2022. They also examine the need for further legislative action in this field, as well as in the fields of data protection, consumer contract law and the drafts of the EU Digital Services Act.

The articles entitled “Dark patterns“ unter der DSGVO und dem DSA – Neue Herausforderung für die digitale Rechtsordnung” and “Vertrags- und lauterkeitsrechtliche Rahmenbedingungen für “Dark patterns“ – Neue Herausforderung für die digitale Rechtsordnung“ can be accessed here and here (login required).